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Piero Letizia - Casting and Fishing Strategies


Indisputably one of the most important worldwide fly caster, holder of a unique technique - PL & EC (Progressive Line & Easy Cast)


  • Fly Fisher since 1972
  • Fly Casting Instructor c/o Fly Angling Club of Rome (1974 -1986)
  • Fly Casting Instructor c/o "Franchi Club Mouche Scool" - T.L.T. Technique (Ref. Cat. Franchi edition 85')
  • Director Fly Casting School for F.I.P.S. (Italian Federation of Fishermen) - Branch of Rome (since 1985)
  • Responsable for Casting Tuition c/o il Tiber Fly Casting Club of Rome (dal 1986)
  • Responsable together with R. Pragliola for the 1° "T.L.T. Instructor Course SIM " (1987)
  • Founder of "Advanced Fly Casting School" (Oct. 1992) school of research and holder of a special fly casting technique  - PL & EC - Progressive Lines & Easy Casting - a unique system to control strategic casts.
  • Writer for specialised magazins (Pescare - Pesca In - Mosca & Spinning - A&D)
  • Founder of the Swedish Branch of Advanced Fly Casting School. Since 14 years we manage fly fishing courses and selected fly and spin fishing stages.


A soft landing of the fly generated by a presentation through a perfect spiral on the air allows a welcome delay to avoid the dragging and have success.

That is a possible evolution from the PL & EC technique of Piero Letizia


The next three 60% slow down video-clip, and the more video published in this web-site, can give you the possibility to undestund the importance of the use of such sofisticated technique. 




Watching the short video you can see the best action on casting to present a fly in a special way.

The fly pushed streight ahead touch the water, as first, (Front - Downstream) while the fly-line is still flying in a spiral way, up on the air and in the opposite side (Left - Upstream).


This approach allows to delay the dragging effect and icrease chances to reach the success.


In the second video-clip the casting action is carried out folloing the same criteria but producing a wider spiral presentation



In this last section, again, same approach but with a macroscopic very left design of the spira for a longer delay of the dragging.


All the above evolutions are possible if using an innovative casting technique like the PL & EC, based on "rationalized and progressive movements".


Just few tips:


  • Avoid "passive accelerations" - don't use a double haul if not necessary !
  • Use the left hand, as much as you can up tu 18-20 meters, to control the tightness between the first ring of the rod and your hand
  • Apply always progressive accelerations
  • Try to pull and push the line always on a streight plane
  • Try to learn which is the best rod for your skill


Any question?  Just give me a call on skype any time "fly_call" !!!


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