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It's a new Passion, you should try it, It's really funny!

It's the system which allow you to fish anyplace includind big lakes and rivers where a belly boat is unconfortable and use a boat is to much complicated and expensive.

Can be considered a "sport" that is certainly good for your health.

I started to fish with Kayaks some years ago and having tried different types and many brands I found and selected an interesting one made in Danmark - the Ronnest Kayak.

Actually I'm the Sales Responsable for the Italian market.  

This model is also fully equipped with lateral pontoon for the safty stand-up fishing and a new prototype is ready with the electric engine.

We offer kayak fishing opportunities during the summertime at our lodge in Sweden.

Well. fishing with kayaks in the beauty of Swedish wilderness is a unique experience, beleve me !

Our actual organization is based on 6 boats, specificly 1 canoe with three seats and 5 fishing kayak of different brands. 

Have a look at the following models in use at our place.


Ronnest - standard type

kayak kayak2


Ronnest - Prototype fully equipped with electric engine  




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