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  .... if Fly Fishing is a label of Quality in sportfishing, Specialization is Quality in Fly Fishing !

  Piero Letizia


babel fish Biography - Piero Letizia - Indisputably one of the most important caster all over the of the world!
  • Fly Fisher since 1972;
  • Fly Casting Instructor c/o Fly Angling Club of Rome (1974 -1986);
  • Fly Casting Instructor c/o "Franchi Club Mouche School" - T.L.T. Technique (Ref. Cat. Franchi edition 1985);
  • Director Fly Casting School for F.I.P.S. (Italian Federation of Fishermen) - Branch of Rome (since 1985);
  • Responsable for Casting Tuition c/o il Tiber Fly Casting Club of Rome (dal 1986);
  • Responsable together with R. Pragliola for the 1° "T.L.T. Instructor Course SIM " (1987);
  • Founder of "Advanced Fly Casting School" (Oct. 1989) school of research and holder of a special fly casting technique  - PL & EC - Progressive Lines & Easy Casting;
  • Founder of the Advanced Fly Casting School – Swedish branch (May. 2000), where since fifteen years is managing selected fishing stages in a beautiful Lodge
  • Founder of TENKARA DRY PL School (2014)

Casting Demonstration carried out at Fairs and Fly Fishing Events:

  • Italy: Firenze - Bologna - Verona - Vicenza - Riva del Garda
  • Sweden: Stockholm - Elmia - Brunflo - Krokom - Ostersund - Sundsvall
  • Germany: Friedrichshafen
  • Bulgaria: Sofia
  • USA: Roscoe (New York)
  • Japan - Osaka


babel fish Tuition - PL & EC (Progressive Lines and Easy Casting) Casting Technique
  • Strictly given by Piero Letizia a worldwide professional
  • Based on a unique and modern casting technique that can be synthetized by the following elements:
    • Supported by a rational teaching methodology that allows to reach in a very short time  (2-3 days course) remarkable results and give the possibility to self analyse and correct
    • progressive appliance of power on a streight plane with progressive acceleration in order to control any type of fly-line (light or heavy) and generate complex casting presentation
    • present the fly following a precise sequence - Fly - Leader - Line
  • clinics supported by a rationalised tuition methodology to provide self control and progressive improvement


Spirale - Ridotta

A perfect presentation under a controlled spiral design, is one of the possible evolutions using PL & EC technique!


More details about the “PL & EC” basics

  • accurate selection of highly qualified rod
  • accurate selection of fly-line type depending on specific casts (most of the actions shown in above pictures, like mending in the air or spirals, are only possible with a DT line)
  • right balance between weight and rod power
  • progressive appliance of power on a wide and straight plane with progressive acceleration in order to generate complex fly presentation schemes
  • use of the left hand, positioned always in a high position, as follows:
    • up to mt. 20/24 - in order to maintain tension between the hand and the first guide of the rod
    • over mt. 24 - in order to improve acceleration
  • special grip based on three fingers, index, medium and thumb with different functions. The thumb is used to stop when it reaches its vertical position and to increase directional casts developing narrow loops 
  • fly presentation by following a precise sequenze:   1° Fly   2° Leader  3° Fly Line
  • generation of modular movements to make and control special casts


The next video, made up of three short slow motion clips, even though of poor quality films, shows specific complex casts. The fly is projected to the water with a generation of a controlled mending in the air opposite side of the fly landing.



Video-Clip 1 - The fly touch always the water as first, tippet and fly-line follows in sequence

While the fly is reaching the surface of the water, front direction and beyond the fast runs, the fly-line is generating a spiral (manding) in the air opposite side u,pstream.

This difficult presentation is the only way to avoid the dragging and so reach the goal!

Video-Clip 2 - Same approach with a more evident spiral in the air

Video-Clip 3 - A repeat but with a macroscopic generation spiral to avoid dragging, the worst enemy in Fly Fishing!


Any question?  Just give me a call on Skype any time "fly_call"


babel fish Availability
  • All courses are arranged anywhere in Italy or abroad (English language)
  • During the summer time (May-August) we continue the activity in Sweden where we manage selected, high quality, summer fishing trips


babel fish Accessibility
  • Private lessons or classes (max 5 people) generally concentrated during week-end or day off
  • Basic and advanced courses
  • Moderate prices
  • Preferred rates for beginners under 18 years old
  • Selected equipment provided by the School


babel fish Professional Ethic

To avoid commercial speculation, no "instructor certificates" are given by the School