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"After fishing the most of worldwide countries and guiding in Sweden since 1999 to a days,  achieving results of reference for the most serious local organizations, I believe that this fascinating country is the most interesting place in Europe for a  unique and unforgettable experience for Fly, Tenkara and Spinning technique"

Piero Letizia

General Information

Land and Waters - area, at least 1.5 times wider then Italy and a great quantity of waters. More then 100.000 lakes and a quantifiable numbers of small, medium and large rivers.

High quality of the waters, some of them tannin color and the rest clear, transparent and drinkable!

The saltless Bltic Sea including 1000 km of shoreline offers additional waters crowded of Salmon and Sea Trouts as well as fresh waters species.

Type of Fishes - The main species are Grayling, Trout, Char, Pike, Perch, Whitefish, Salmon and Sea Trout. Population is characterised by the Quantity and the Quality of sizes.

100% of the fish is "native". Stock fish is available only in a few commercial put and take ponds!

Fishing context  - The 9.5 millions of Swedish polpulation is a warranty of a very low fishing pressure, some water has never ever been fished!

Technical/Sport Task - rivers morphology and thier size often request a better fishing care 

Beauty of the Land - a special charm depending on different features like the 24 hours day light during the best period of fishing (May - July), the clearness of the air and the marked colours of the surrounding nature.

.... and many other  motivation comprehensible just after a personal experience!

AFCS has anyway already identified for you, after many years of experience, the right place to introduce you!