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An amazing unconventional Fly FishingTechnique!  How could it happened?

Mainly for two reasons

  • guiding a group of Swiss anglers at my Lodge, in particular Fausto Berizzi, who wanted to fish for big grayling using Tenkara
  • a concurrent unlucky accident happened to my wrist two weeks before their arrival


Probably, without these two happenings, I would never have approached this amazing technique ….. especially after having practiced fly fishing over 45 years, displayed my personal fly casting technique in many countries and guided anglers on Swedish waters since 2000!

First impression

Synthetically - the simplicity of this technique:

  • Basic equipment if compared with conventional Fly Fishing
  • The traditional casting technique is very simple and, even though based on wet fly fishing, it focuses on easy movements, thus enabling anyone to fish with success, also those who have never tried it before like “Ladies and Kids”!
  • Beauty of the equipment and accessories

Why Teach and Divulgate TENKARA

Mainly for two reasons:

  • because It’s an easy-to-learn technique which enables far more people to become familiar with fly fishing, especially kids who love outdoor life.
  • Because it allows to resolve common fly line casting like the “tailing loop” and helps master progressive casts in order to achieve  drag-free fly presentations. 

Tenkara - DRY PL is a new and enhanced casting technique!

Take a close look at following pictures and check the photo gallery on my personal website to get an idea of its potentials 

tk  doppia spirale aria

 Double spirals in the air while the 5 mt leader is already fishing

tk  doppia spirale aria macro

Macro of the previuos cast

TK LS Argentina01S

A remarkable wide and vertical mending in the air, using 5 mt leader

TK LS Argentina02S 

Complex right upstream loop in the air

TK LS Argentina06S

Straight cast with a high right uupstream loop to achieve a delayed fly drag 

Most significant directions for Dry PL Technique:


Line - mainly FLY Lines and always DTF

  • Weight Range - from 0 to 3. DT2F is suggested for 6:4 and 7:3 Rods
  • Length – depending on the type of the waters but generally long ones like 6-7-8 meters. The best compromise for fishing wide rivers and using rods 3,60/4,10 length with 6:4 and 7:3 is definitely a DT2F line.


standard mono leader 9ft length model from 0x to 3x


at least one or one and half meter made from thinner sections


Since these are usually much lower priced that conventional fly fishing rods, I suggest to buy only high quality brands, in particular those originating from Japan.


Naturally, all lengths of the elements used must be re-adapted to smaller environments and waters


As already mentioned, Tenkara DRY PL originates from the “PL & EC”, my  personal Fly Fishing Technique which can be synthesized in the following steps:

  • selection of a premium rod
  • Accurate selection of  a specific  fly-line depending on the desired casting action (most actions you see in my pictures, like mends in the air or spirals, are possible with DT line)
  • Choice of right balance between weights (line) and rod power
  • use of progressive casting power on a wide and straight plane combined with progressive line acceleration,  in order to generate complex fly presentation schemes
  • (NOT APPLICABLE in TENKARA) use of the left hand, always in a high position,  as follows:
    • casts up to mt. 20/24 meters - in order to maintain tension between the hand and the first guide of the rod
    • casts over 20/24 meters - double haul to improve the speed
  • Special grip based on three fingers, index, medium and thumb, with different functions. The thumb has the important role to stop the rod when in vertical position and increase directional casts with narrow loops .
  • present the fly following a precise sequence:generation of modular movements to make and control special casts
    • Fly
    • Leader
    • Line


Italy (October - April)

Via G. Aurispa, 10

00167  Roma

Mob. +39 335 6449009

Skype: fly_call


Sweden (May - September)


83060 Föllinge

Mob. +46 (0)73 043 73 81

Skype: fly_call