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Plan of the Main Event and Activities 2018








Start up of a New TENKARA Club in Lindesberg - Stockholm County. Project for the development of this beautiful and native fishing method.


  • Introduction of the modern PL&EC Fly Fishing Technique and its application on traditional Tenkara
  • Basic and Premium Equipment
  • Casting Practice



The Gay Goose Club in Pavia organize an event fucused on a Modern Casting Method with Piero Letizia.


  • Evolutionary Process on Fly Casting from the traditrional methods up to the PL&EC
  • Casting Show
  • Work Group - exercising together




"Familiarization with Fly Fishing, Tenkara and Technique Enhancement"

In consideration of the many requests about Tenkara, I'm going to introdure the System, in particular the premium japanese equipment, traditional casting and the DRY PL Technique.

As usual the meeting will be "Basilica di S. Paolo" (conjunction between Ostiense street and Marconi Bridge).

On the end of activities everybody are welcome to the nearby pub for a beer and pleasant chat

bandiera danimarca


Fyn Island


Annual Sea Trout Fishing in Denmark - Free Subscription 4 days Stage. Fortunately non one space problem fishing the open sea!

An occasion to enjoy an amazing fishing time together!


Destination: City of Assens

How to reach it: fly to Airport of Billund by Ryan Air.  Rent a car to drive to the nearby destination.

Board and Lodging: to Mr. Giovanni Ceparano owner of "La Posta" Restaurant and B&B

Fishing Licenses: Buy on the web Site https://www.fisketegn.dk/fisketegn/common/setLocale.do?language=en

If you have never tried this experience, hurry up!!

Krokom May

Fly Fishing and Tenkara event  Supported from Sportringen Krokom

Casting Show and practice with Piero Letizia


Roscoe Camp Site USA



A new appointment in USA at ROSCOE Camp Site, in this amazing and famous Fishing Resort. Again with Piero Letizia who will provide Casting Shows and help practicing his modern Fly Casting Technique with enthusiasts.

Three complete days full immersion!   


 Sweden Lodge


Summer Fly, Tenkara and Spin Stages c/o our lodge Fishing Stages





Fly Fishing and Tenkara Courses or Casting Demonstration booking


Tuition is organised for groups or single people in any place requested.

Casting Demonstration to show the potentialities of PL&EC Technique are, with pleasure, given any where requested. Take a look time by time at the Activities Plan to check where and when our shows are already planned (Fais - Clubs and Associations) 






Events for Introduction of our Swedish Lodge and Fishing  at Clubs and Fishing Organizations


The organization of a fishing trip abroad is not even easy and it requires the right informations to reach the right goal!

Even though our site is sufficiently detailed, we'll be pleased to give you more support by a personal presentation supported by slides and videos