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Target - Provide premium Fly-Fishing, Tenkara and Spinning Stages (one week trips) ensuring quality service for the whole organization as wess as technical and functional aspects 


The Added Value - All the acivities are managed personally by Piero Letizia a worldwide most important Fly-Caster and Fisherman who is also an expert of the very best Swedish waters.

The combination of these skills guarantee a qualified guiding service and a technical fishing support to reach easily the target of premium fishing trip.

Moreover, the gained experience on Spinning since 1999 guarantee a qulified performace also in this technique.


The Location and the Fishing - Jämtland, is the name of the Region where our Lodge is located and we can affirm that the waters all around are the very best in Sweden offering quality and quantity of different fish species, like: trout - grayling - pike - perch white fish - char - salmon.


The Lodge and the Waters - "Ottsjön" (Föllinge), is a very small village located at Km624 north west of Stockholm.  Its position is strategic to easily reach different important waters, rivers and lakes.  Just to mention the most important Rivers: Hårkan, Lovjostromen, Edsforsen, Indalsalven, Ammerån and Gimån. Be worth considering the little lake of Siksjon, very close to the lodge in a very beautiful scenario through the forest, where using a dry fly is not so difficult to catch huge browns.


Additional specifications to choose our offer

  • Medium-short range trip to destination
  • Hi quality “all-inclusive" service at a moderate price. Our expertise to organise the trip will be at your disposal.
  • Possibility to go fishing during the night hours due to the "midnight sun" fenomena - 24 hours of day light
  • A wide choice of waters where to go fishing
  • Cheep prices for fishing license (6 - 10 euro for 24 hours), many lakes are free of charge.
  • Quality of the Lodge including several commodities and internet WiFi
  • Fishing equipment available at the lodge:
    • Fly Tying table and material
    • Float rings and fins
    • Kayak, Canoe e Pontoon
    • Professional Fishing Boats
    • Waiding Stick
  • Courtesy car and Bikes for companions who doesn't like fishing
  • Fly Casting courses, basic or advanced level


Alternative Activities

  • Equitazione - Gite e/o corsi di Equitazione (a pagamento)
  • Photographic Workshop (on request)
  • Treking
  • Kayak
  • Boat trip
  • Excursions to the nearby attractions



Tipical Swedish wooden house built on three level:

Upper floor

  • two sleeping rooms for guests

Ground Floor

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Living room provided of: table for the fly-tying ; TV and projection system; Internet access (Wi-Fi anyway awailable in the whole structure); corner shop for missing fishing staff.  In particular for Fly Fishing: Flies, Fly Lines; Tippet; Mono leader; etc.. For Spinning: Spoons, Minnows, Jerck, Lines and more.


  • Bathroom

Just in case the group is over 4 fishermen we can use nearby cottages.


Our Cousine

Strictly Italian Style with some specific Swedish recepies

To guarantee a very high quality we use the selected Italian ingredients like:

  • Olive oil from Sabina
  • Pasta De Cecco
  • Parmigiano Reggiano from Reggiolo Rolo
  • Pecorino Romano
  • Guanciale e Pancetta Tesa from Norcia
  • Wines from Veneto and Trentino


Concerning the meat the Swedish one is really excellent but often and depending from the availability we serve the Angus. About the fish, considering the waters rich in it, we can of course have some of our catch.

Well, some shot to get you stimulated!


We are at your disposal with pleasure to give you suggestion and support for a better organization of the trip.
On request we can also organise extra day fishing with expert salmon Guides selected from us.
Just in case you wan't choose our organization feel free to contact us anyway to have valuable informations based on our very long experience in this Country.


General Information

Booking a trip

The interested Fisherman or Group has to fill in the specific form provided from us containing all details of the fishing stage agreed. Sintetically, after the purchase of the ticket for the transportation (Airplane and/or Rental Car) to reach the Airport of Destination (Ostersund) or the Lodge, has to be made the paymentas per roules - 30% at the confirmation of the booking and the balance 20 days before the date of arrival.

Health Care Assistance
Remember to bring with you the personal Health Care Assistance card necessary to avoid payments for possible first aid or doctor's use.

At the Lodge

Smoking is forbidden including electronic cigarette.

Use of shoes is not allowed. 


Suggested Technical Clothing

considering that the weather condition of this Country, similar for the period involved to the northern part of Italy and can be more flexible from warm to mild or cold, take with you the following type of technical tissues and capes: transtex - supplex - pile - capilene - goretex and similar.