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     written by Piero Letizia


A confirmation of the possible use of a powered Fly-Fishing Casting Technique, the PL&EC (Progressive Lines & Easy Casting by Piero Letizia) on traditional Tenkara.

At the same time we can demonstrate the potentiality of Tenkara also if used in wide rivers under strong wind condition and fishing only Dry.

Pictures shows the possibility of complex casts for strategical flies presentation if used a superior casting technique and related professional skills.

The new approach, focused on dry fly fishing, shows with evidence the easiest way to involve in fishing also Kids or who has never fishing before. 

This article has been published by the Italian Mosca e Spinning Magasine and now available for downloading in original version!

You can request by email the forwarding of the high definition file.




Next fishing season, depending on my next tasks (Fly and Tenkara Casting Shows), will take place from May 15 to September 15.

Guiding fares have been already updated with better prices - check and get in touch with us for detailed information!

To provide a better service and involve also companions not devoted on fishing we offer a Courtesy Car for trips to nearby beautiful places.  We provide as well: bikes, kayaks, bows and professional cameras. We have also agreements for riding with a nearby 

Don't hesitate to contact us for detailed information or just to have suggestion.

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Another great occasion to watch and share experiences!

Piero will project rationalised slides about the fly casting development and its own innovative Technique - PL & EC.

A fly-casting show will follow and later everybody can practice with Piero.

Everyone interested in is very welcome to enjoy the event

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Booking for the season 2018 May - September is started!
As we manage groups of few fishermen per week (max 4 people) to warranty the highest quality of service, we suggest you to hurry up with reservation.
You can take a look at the related LINK to have detailed information about our organization.
We are pleased to provide alternative services and activities for companions who are not interested on fishing. Kayaks, bikes, boats, bows, cameras and a courtesy car are at their disposal.
For further information you can get in touch with us anytime. Don't hesitate to ask also in case you will not join us, we can with pleasure give you the right suggestion to avoid failure due to general inexperience.
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.... edited by Piero Letizia

A brief story of my personal approach to Tenkara after 40 years of professional Fly Fishing!

Not only the simple story based on a unusual change from Fly Fishing to the "Native" system, generally practiced on small streams using wet flies and nymphs,but a new approach fishing big rivers on dry flies using a special and casting technique - TENKARA DRY PL.  

Therefore an introduction to a modern strategic casting technique!   

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