Swedish summer can be compared to that of our Alpine arch environments, where it is hot during the morning and cool in the evening.

Very important is the choice of technical materials that allow the transpiration among which are reported: transtex – supplex – fleece – capilene – goretex and similar.

The dressing should be done as called out on the street “layered like onion”. That’s to say, depending on the conditions of cold and heat, more or less layers to be added or removed.

However, we have prepared a reference table containing the quality and quantity of items needed to cover every eventuality!

Summary Table

Base Layer Quantity  Fabric  Some of the Brands
3 Microfiber – Merino wool Ronher – Woolpower – Transtex – Quecha
Boxer Microfiber – Merino wool Woolpower – Aclima – Craft – Transtex
Microfiber – Merino wool Woolpower – Aclima – Transtex – Duofold – Sportfull
Short Sleeve Top
1 or 2 Microfiber – Merino wool Transtex; Duofold; Sportfull
Pants medium – heavy 1 Capilene; Pile; Polartec; Polyester Stretch Patagonia; North Face; Mello; Palm
Type of Garment Quantity Fabric  Some of the Brands
2 Microfibra – Suplex – Omni-Shade UPF Columbia – North Face – Simms
Gilet 1 Wind Stopper – Apex – Pile medium – light Aesse – North Face – Great Escape
Fleece 1 Pile – Wind Stopper – Polartec Columbia – Quecha – Patagonia – Simms
Type of Garment Quantity Fabric   Some of the Brands
Rain 1 Goretex – Shelliter or similar Geoff; Patagonia; Simms
Type of Garment    Quantity    Fabric  Some of the Brands
Trekking Waterproof 1 Goretex or similar – medium light Tecnica – Columbia – La Scarpa – Quecha – Merrell